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Wolf Garten

Wolf Garten Handle, Tree Lopper and Saw Economy

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  • Perfect for trimming trees
  • Package includes handle, saw & anvil lopper head
  • Wolf Garten 10 Year Guarantee on all items
  • Handle adjustable in length 220 – 400 cm
  • Tools to reach and cut high branches without a ladder
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Bundle Includes
ZMV4 1 X Wolf Garten Multi Change Telescopic Handle 220 400cm
RCM 1 X Wolf Garten Multi Change Anvil Tree Lopper
PC370MS 1 X Wolf Garten Multi Change Pruning Saw
Wolf Garten Handle, Tree Lopper and Saw Economy
Wolf Garten Handle, Tree Lopper and Saw Economy

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Wolf Garten Handle, Tree Lopper and Saw Bundle

RCM -Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Anvil Tree Lopper
The multi-star lopping shears RC-M provide problem-free cutting of high-level branches up to 38 mm diameter.
Its precision-ground, non-stick blades continue to provide clean and exact cuts even after thousands of cuts.
The anvil cutting technology and the 3.5-fold pulley mechanism guarantee a soft cut with minimum use of force and thus ensures tireless working.
The WOLF-Garten Vario handles permit lopping at heights up to 5.70 m. Handle not included.
* Application: Ladderless tree care
* Extras: 3.5-fold pulley mechanism, branches up to 38 mm diameter
* Weight - Approx 1kg

PC370MS - Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Pruning Saw
The new and improved PC370MS Wolf Garten Pruning Saw replaces the REM.
Energy-saving sawing of even thick branches in high trees is no longer a problem thanks to the 36 cm special serrated saw blade of the multi-star PC370MS tree saw.
All multi-star handles as well as the WOLF-Garten Vario Handles can be fitted, making work at heights up to 5.70 m an easy matter.
With its handle, the PC370MS tree saw is easy to use as a handsaw for all sawing tasks on the ground and at accessible heights.
* Saw blade: Special teeth 36 cm
* Handle / Grip: Recommended for use with ZM-V3 / ZM-V4
* Extras: Energy-saving sawing of even thicker branches

Is this saw compatible with your chosen Handle?
This saw is designed for use with WOLF Garten multi-change® Telescopic handles like the ZMV150, ZMV3 & ZMV4. 
It is not compatible with the non-telescopic multi-change® handles like the ZM02, ZM04, ZMI12 and ZMI15.

ZMV4 - Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Telescopic Handle 220-400cm
As a basic element for tree-care without need of a ladder, the multi-star Vario handle ZM-V4 is equally suitable for pond care, and is available in adjustable lengths between 220 – 400 cm to suit individual needs.
Made of high-quality extremely sturdy aluminium, its low weight simplifies work at heights up to max. 5.70 m (including accessory length).
The patented multi-star quick-fit system allows all tree-care tools to be attached with a click, thus obviating the need for a ladder.
* Application: Ladderless tree care
* Vario-Technique
* Adjustable in length - Telescopic Handle 220-400cm from WOLF-Garten.
* Extremely strong, but lightweight aluminium handle with PVC sleeve
* Fits all multi-change tool-heads

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