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The WOLF-Garten Tool of the Month

Each month we showcase a different product from the fantastic WOLF-Garten range.

WOLF-Garten tools, accessories and machinery.

Be sure to visit our website each and every month to ensure that you don't miss out. 

October 2019
The Wolf Garten Fruit Picker Bundle Deal

September 2019
The WOLF-Garten Bulb Planter with Fixed Handle (FHN)

August 2019
The WOLF-Garten 80m Hose Reel Trolley

July 2019
Wolf Garten Tool Holder System

June 2019
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Draw Hoe 15cm

May 2019
WOLF-Garten 1600W Expert Self Propelled Lawn Mower

April 2019
WOLF-Garten Multi-Change® Cultiweeder 10cm

March 2019
WOLF-Garten Pointed Spade

February 2019
WOLF-Garten Professional Anvil Aluminium Secateurs

January 2019
WOLF-Garten Multi-Change® Patio Brush 37cm

December 2018
WOLF-Garten 7.5cm Flower Fork with fixed handle

November 2018
WOLF-Garten Professional Bypass Aluminium Secateur

October 2018
WOLF-Garten Professional Fruit Picker Bundle

September 2018
The WOLF-Garten Multi-Change® Hand Trowel 8cm

August 2018
The WOLF-Garten 80m Hose Reel Trolley

July 2018
The WOLF-Garten Multi-Change® Pond Net

June 2018
The WOLF-Garten Multi-Change® Push-Pull Weeder 15cm

May 2018
The WOLF-Garten Multi-Change® Dutch Hoe

April 2018
The WOLF-Garten Multi-Change® Adjustable Anvil Tree Lopper

March 2018
The WOLF-Garten Bulb Planter with Fixed Handle (FHN)

February 2018
The WOLF-Garten Multi-Change® Seed Sower

January 2018
The WOLF-Garten Multi-Change® Window Wiper & Handle 35cm

December 2017
The WOLF-Garten WOLF-Garten 42cm Plastic Snow Shovel

November 2017
The WOLF-Garten Multi-Change Professional Pruning Saw

October 2017
The WOLF-Garten Multi-Change ZMV4 Extending Telescopic 4m Handle

September 2017
The WOLF-Garten Multi-Change® Adjustable Fruit Picker

August 2017
The WOLF-Garten UM-M Tool Holder