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Soil & Cultivation
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By Multi-Change®
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Mini Cultivator
Loosens soil in small beds

£ 9.99

Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Hand Trowel 8cm
For planting and transplanting

£ 12.42

RRP: £15.99
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Hand Fork 7.5cm
For planting and transplanting

£ 12.59

RRP: £15.99
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Dutch Hoe 13cm
For breaking up the soil

£ 13.46

RRP: £14.99
WOLF-Garten Multi-Change 7cm Small CultiWeeder with 15cm Handle

£ 13.49

RRP: £14.99
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Soil Rake 30cm
For raking, aerating & breaking up soil

£ 13.59

RRP: £17.99
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Close Toothed Rake 19cm
For raking in narrow spaces

£ 13.79

RRP: £14.99
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Small Push-Pull Weeder 10cm
For cutting through weeds

£ 13.95

RRP: £17.99
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Push-Pull Weeder 15cm
For cutting through weeds

£ 14.45

RRP: £19.99
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Swoe Style Hoe 12cm
For weeding in tight situations

£ 14.45

RRP: £15.99
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Grubber 9cm
For breaking up soil

£ 14.54

RRP: £16.99
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Aerator 3.5cm
For scarifying & loosening soil

£ 14.90

RRP: £16.99
Wolf Garten Mini Cultiweeder with Handle
For weeding and breaking up soil

£ 14.99

Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Cultivator 11cm
For scarifying, aerating & breaking up soil

£ 15.99

RRP: £17.99
Wolf Garten Multi Change Small Crumbler With 15cm Handle

£ 16.99

140cm Wooden Handle No Grip

£ 17.09

RRP: £18.99
Wolf Garten Mini Cultivator with Handle
Loosens small beds

£ 17.66

Wolf Garten Small Double Hoe with Handle
For loosening soil

£ 17.66

Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Double Hoe 8cm
For Loosening & weeding

£ 17.99

Wolf Garten Small Crumbler with Handle
Breaks up soil

£ 19.28

170cm Wooden Handle No Grip

£ 19.79

RRP: £21.99

Soil & Cultivation

Care for your soil and the soil will care for your plants…

A good gardener knows the importance of preparing the soil before planting and we have the multi-change tools to make it easy. Consider a Dutch hoe, push-pull weeder or draw hoe to clear your soil area in readiness for planting.

Planting in a small area? Go for a trowel or hand fork for more precise planting work.

Cultivation attachments for your allotment and garden borders

The Wolf Garten multi-change® cultivation tool heads have been specifically designed for cultivating your borders and allotment areas – choose from a selection of aerators, cultiweeders and grubbers.

Perfect for breaking down hard stony ground and keeping weeds out of your soil. Each tool has a solid, robust design with tines, prongs and blades that will resist bending, wear and corrosion, backed up by the Wolf Garten 10 year guarantee.