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Multi-Change Tools
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By Loppers & Secateurs
By Multi-Change®
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Mini Handle 15cm
Fits all multi-change® tool-heads

£ 6.45

Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Small Handle 35cm
Fits all multi-change® tool-heads

£ 8.27

15cm Mini Handle

£ 8.99

RRP: £9.99
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Garden Scraper
For removing weeds and moss from between pavings

£ 9.20

RRP: £11.99
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Mini Cultivator
Loosens soil in small beds

£ 9.99

Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Mini Hoe
For loosening soil

£ 9.99

Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Rope Guide

£ 9.99

Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Fan Rake 11cm
Sweeps areas with ease

£ 10.76

Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Small Rake 8cm
For easy weeding and aerating

£ 10.94

Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Small Cultiweeder 7cm
For weeding and breaking up soil

£ 10.99

Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Small Sweep 11cm
For sweeping up debris and loosening soil

£ 10.99

Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Small Crumbler 7cm
Breaks up soil

£ 11.66

Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Aluminium D-Grip Handle 80cm
Fits all multi-change® tool-heads

£ 11.69

RRP: £12.99
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Weeding Brush
For easy patio weeding

£ 12.25

RRP: £12.99
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Hand Trowel 8cm
For planting and transplanting

£ 12.42

RRP: £15.99
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Hand Fork 7.5cm
For planting and transplanting

£ 12.59

RRP: £15.99
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Weeding Brush Heads
Pack of 2

£ 12.78

RRP: £15.99
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Small Draw Hoe 10cm
For weeding

£ 12.78

RRP: £16.99
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Leaf Rake 42cm
For gathering leaves

£ 13.45

RRP: £15.99
Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Dutch Hoe 13cm
For breaking up the soil

£ 13.46

RRP: £14.99
WOLF-Garten Multi-Change 7cm Small CultiWeeder with 15cm Handle

£ 13.49

RRP: £14.99

Multi-Change Tools

Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Tools

Have you discovered the WOLF-Garten Multi-Change® range yet?

A lightweight, comfortable solution to every imaginable garden task, there is a head for every job. Choose from our extensive selection of over 14 handles and more than 60 tool head attachments, we stock the entire collection - all year round. Providing you with a gardening solution, whatever the weather.

Check out the following video, provided to show you why this innovative tool range is so popular:

When you hear that "click"...

Every gardener knows that having the right tool for the job is essential and the Wolf Garten Multi-Change® range is a brilliantly innovative system which allows you to use just one handle with over 60 different heads.

Just press the red button to detach your existing head and click in a new one. Your trusty handle becomes a broom, a rake, a shovel - you name it, Wolf Garten have thought about it. The patented Wolf Garten Multi-Change® tool range system truly provides the complete gardening solution, and with new tools coming out each year there has never been a better time to invest.

It's fully interchangeable too so you can use one tool on several different handles should you wish. Need more power in the allotment? Simply swap your aluminium handle for a D grip option or for added comfort, choose a wooden handle instead.

Built to last

Each attachment has been carefully designed to offer you fantastic value, ideally constructed for the task at hand and working with any handle.

The Multi-Change® range, backed up with an industry leading 10 year manufacturer guarantee.