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Wolf Garten Multi-change Tools - Tree Care - RCVM

Posted in WOLF-Garten Multi-Change® Tools In Action by Lee Wills on 09/11/2017

How to use a Wolf Garten Tree Lopper to cut branches without using a ladder

The RCVM adjustable anvil tree lopper from Wolf Garten is one of the most popular tools that we sell, when used in partnership with a telescopic handle like the ZMV4 or ZMV3 it will allow you to cut high up branches with your feet firmly and safely on the ground - no ladders required!

The Wolf Garten Multi-ChangeĀ® Adjustable Anvil Tree Lopper attaches to all extendable Wolf Garten Handles but does not attached to fixed handles (those that do not extend - non-telescopic).

We love this tool and it's perfect for getting to those hard to reach branches because not only can the handle length be adjusted the head itself can be tilted to cut at many different angles. It's fully adjustable which means you cut in all sorts of directions.

The lopper has an integral pulley system; combined with the generous 40mm cutting diameter capacity. This means you'll be able to prune branches with minimal effort.

You can view the RCVM lopper here.

We find that most of our customers who purchase this lopper also buy the ZMV4 (our longest handle) and the ZSM cord tidy. The ZSM will ensure the cord remains taught and tightly lined up against the handle to prevent getting tangled up in the branches - it's not an essential accessory but we strongly recommend it. It also provides a wide base so you can rest the handle on your thigh between cuts. You can view a wide variety of bundle deals here.