September - The Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Adjustable Fruit Picker RGM

This great product is compatible with any multi-change handle but to make the most of this head we suggest going for a telescopic handle like the ZMV3 or the ZMV4.

The RGM fruit picker from Wolf Garten is perfectly designed for harvesting fruit, it can handle robust fruit like cooking apples and softer fruit like plums with it's soft 13cm bag and sharp cutting blade. Simply cut the fruit as you pull the bag towards you - the integrated stainless steel blade will shear through the stem with ease and the fruit will fall into the bag. If you squash your plums then don't worry as the bag can be removed and washed.

You can even adjust the angle by up to 180 degrees to ensure you don't miss a single piece of fruit, Wolf Garten truly have every angle covered with this amazing product (aha! pun intended!)

To make life easier we're offering a tree care bundle deal that incorporates the fruit picker, a telescopic handle that can reach a whopping 4 meters plus a tree lopper and saw! Click here to view the bundle and click here to view the fruit picker on it's own.