With the arrival of September comes the cooler weather and after a scorching few months we are sure that many of you will welcome the cool relief for your garden.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, the top ten jobs to get on with this month in the garden are as follows:

  • Divide herbaceous perennials
  • Pick autumn raspberries
  • Collect and sow seed from perennials and hardy annuals
  • Dig up remaining potatoes before slug damage spoils them
  • Net ponds before leaf fall gets underway
  • Keep up with watering of new plants, using rain or grey water if possible
  • Start to reduce the frequency of houseplant watering
  • Clean out cold frames and greenhouses so that they are ready for use in the autumn
  • Cover leafy vegetable crops with bird-proof netting
  • Plant spring flowering bulbs

This month we've chosen the Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Hand Trowel 8cm - an excellent tool which can be used with a small or long handle. Ideal for those last few potatoes or planting your hardier plants while the last of the warm weather lingers.

We love the versatility of this simple tool, great with a short handle like the ZM02 if you're getting down and dirty on your knees in the mud or with a longer handle like the ZMi15 if you want to dig from a standing position and save your back from excess bending.

This tool (LUSM) also features the Wolf Garten 10 Year Guarantee, what more could you want.