October - The Wolf Garten Multi-Change ZMV4 Telescopic 4m Handle

Last month in September we showcased the RGM Fruit picker, this month our choice was easy; we've gone for it's partner in crime, the ZMV4 Telescopic handle. It adjusts from a useful 2.2 to a massive 4 meters in length.

The handle is constructed using strong and sturdy aluminium which is also very light, great when working at heights or cutting from a distance - you always want the least heavy handle option in this scenario. Also, with it's huge length this handle provides a safe solution to dangerous ladder work, you don't need to use a ladder with a handle as long as this.

More importantly you can use this handle with any head within the multi-change range, offering you more than 60 potential applications. From sawing down a thick branch using a saw, pruning thinner branches with a lopper or harvesting Bramley apples using the fruit picker.

You can purchase the ZMV4 handle online here at the best price online or alternatively if you're also looking to purchase a head or two then be sure to check out our bundle deals for maximum value here.