Autumn has arrived, we say goodbye to last few warms days of the year and hello to a cooler season.
Bursting with colour, autumn is a beautiful time of the year.
It's time to start your preparations for the frost and get that rake out to battle the falling leaves.

Here are this month's top ten jobs (according to Royal Horticultural Society):

  • Divide established rhubarb crowns to create new plants
  • Cut back perennials that have died down
  • Divide herbaceous perennials
  • Move tender plants, including aquatic ones, into a greenhouse or conservatory
  • Plant out spring cabbages
  • Harvest apples, pears, grapes and nuts
  • Prune climbing roses
  • Finish collecting seeds from the garden to sow next year
  • Last chance to mow lawns and trim hedges in mild areas
  • Renovate old lawns or create new grass areas by laying turf


Surely the most enjoyable and rewarding task this month will be the harvesting of fruit, picking apples is a joy. Nature's bounty awaits as will a plethora of delicious British puddings of course, stewed apples, apple crumble, apple pie - with a trusty fruit picker you really can fill your boots, and your tummy; not forgetting all of your containers first.

In a twist to our usual theme this month's "tool of the month" is actually a bundle of tools.

Our Wolf Garten Fruit Picker Bundle Deal which includes the The 4 metre telescopic handle (ZMV4), Wolf Garten Adjustable Fruit Picker (RGM), adjustable anvil tree loppers (RCVM), Rope Guide (RGV - Part of RCVM) and Professional Saw (PC370MSPRO).

Everything you need to collect fruit and prune trees from the ground - no ladders required.

All Wolf Garten product are well designed and built to last using the very best materials, the manufacturer backs this up with a generous 10 year guarantee policy on all multi change tools. Incredible value.