As we prepare again (in England) for another lockdown in this new normal of COVID-19; those fortunate enough to have their own patch of garden can turn to the restorative powers of gardening. The crunching of crisp orange red autumn leaves underfoot is truly a pleasure but there is also plenty of wind and rain to contend with now too.

Make sure you wrap up warm and perhaps pack a flask also when working for extended periods of time in your garden, allotment or outdoor space.

Some of your more delicate plants may require protection from the freezing rain, gales and even the odd touch of frost. Move them into your greenhouse or a sheltered spot. You could even consider wrapping them up.

Here are this month's top ten jobs (according to Royal Horticultural Society):

  • Clear up fallen leaves - especially from lawns, ponds and beds
  • Raise containers onto pot feet to prevent waterlogging
  • Plant tulip bulbs for a spring display next year
  • Prune roses to prevent wind-rock
  • Plant out winter bedding
  • Cover brassicas with netting if pigeons are a problem
  • Insulate outdoor containers from frost - bubblewrap works well
  • Stop winter moth damage to fruit trees using grease bands around the trunks
  • Put out bird food to encourage winter birds into the garden
  • Use a seasonal bonfire - where this is allowed - to dispose of excess debris unfit for composting


Once the novelty of the falling leaves has worn off, you'll want to clear them regularly from your lawn to ensure it gets enough sunlight but more importantly from your patios and paths to remove a potentially nasty slip hazard. 

What you really want for a task such as this is a good strong rake with robust yet flexible tines.

We recommend the Wolf Garten UIMC Multi-Change Leaf Rake.


To use, simply pair this head with the handle of your choice and get to it.

It's superb for gathering all sorts of garden debris like grass clippings and twigs too.

Like all non-cutting multi change tools it boasts a solid 35 year guarantee; made in Germany and built to last.


Simply pair with a handle of your choice and away you go.

It features a solid 35 year guarantee, built to last - made in Germany.