Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Professional Pruning Saw (PC370MSPRO / REPM)

The tool is superb for sawing through thick branches at ground level with it's built in grip or up in the trees when used with a telescopic handle such as the ZMV4 4m pole or ZMV3 3m option (to find out more about the ZMV4 be sure to read last month's "tool of the month" article here).

Discover how to use a Wolf Garten Pruning Saw to prune your trees without a ladder by watching our video below, it shows you how to attach the head to a handle and then use.


Eagle eyed readers may notice that we also offer a cheaper alternative to this product, the PC370MS.

However, it didn't make it as tool of the month for a few reasons. Primarily because it lacks the lip at the end of the cutting blade which makes the PC370MSPRO so brilliant (it stops the saw slipping off the branch when you're pulling back and forth).