Spring is in the air! Well, not quite, but soon... It's time to dust off those garden tools and get back out into your garden or beloved outdoor space.

February is the first month of the year to start sowing your vegetables. You may want to start under cover if the weather is particularly bitter in your neck of the woods.

Many crops can be sown all year round (excluding the really cold months of December and January) but for salad crops like lettuce you need to start planting now to ensure a constant supply all year round.

To help you sow your seeds we're recommending the multi change seed sower for our Wolf Garten Tool of the Month for February 2018.

It'll help you to sow seeds in a uniform fashion, evenly spaced and perfectly distributed.

Best yet, you can utilise this tool at the end of a long handle and sow seeds whilst standing. Choose any handle you like as long as it's Wolf Garten Multi Change.

So no more breaking your back at ground level sowing seeds on your knees.