August is usually the hottest month of the year and after a scorching July it looks like August is bound to be very warm indeed.

Watering is essential.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, the top ten jobs to get on with this month in the garden are as follows:

  • Prune Wisteria
  • Don't delay summer pruning fruits trained as restricted forms
  • Deadhead flowering plants regularlyWatering! - particularly containers, and new plants, preferably with grey recycled water or stored rainwater
  • Collect seed from garden plantsHarvest sweetcorn and other vegetables as they become ready
  • Continue cutting out old fruited canes on raspberries
  • Lift and pot up rooted strawberry runners
  • Keep ponds and water features topped up
  • Feed the soil with green manures

With the need for watering, you'll want a robust hose reel trolley. So this month the World of Wolf Garten Tool of the Month is:-

The Wolf Garten 80m Hose Reel Trolley (For 80 m ½" or 50 m ¾" hoses)

This superb reel is gloss galvanised, durable and rust-resistant; supplied complete with the hose connection pieces.