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→Wolf Garten Lawnmowers ...

WOLF-Garden have a wide array of electric lawnmowers available, they are all powerful, lightweight and extremely manoeuvrable. They allow you to choose between cutting and collecting grass clippings in its efficient grass bag or cutting and mulching clippings back into the lawn to encourage healthy e-growth.

Environmentally-friendly mowing Innovation is our strength. With the market launch of the Wolf Garden BluePower product line, we are once again setting a benchmark which has a considerable signal effect for the sector and far beyond. BluePower products follow one credo from their manufacture, through utilisation up to recycling. Technology pro nature BluePower gives you the pleasant feeling of having knowingly made the right decision. For nature, the newest technology and sustainability. The same passion which moves every garden lover has driven us to develop the Wolf Garten BluePower products.
The love of nature! Electric Lawn Mowers:

- Reduction of consumption by up to 70% in comparison with conventional motorsat the same cutting and collecting performance
- High degree of efficiency, up to 80%
- Comfortable, quiet engine noise
- Low vibration

Wolf Garten BluePower is outstanding quality supplemented with ergonomic, comfortable fitting details. Environmentally-friendly engine technology drastically reduces the for the reduction of energy consumption, so you can look after your lawn safe in the knowledge is it not harming the environment. LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) promotes health in addition to economic and ecological sustainability through conscious product selection.

→Wolf Garten Scarifiers ...

The WOLF-Garten scarifiers remove organic matter from around the grass roots and tidy up any straggly lateral growth. When this layer of thatch and moss is removed, vital nutrients, oxygen and water are able to penetrate into the soil and be absorbed by the grass roots, allowing for a much
better lawn re-growth.

→Wolf Garten Trimmers ...

The WOLF-Garten trimmers are designed to meet the highest industry standards. They have many innovative features including a working head that rotates through 90˚ for trimming and edging, they have a low vibration output to offer controlled and comfortable handling and they are lightweight yet powerful in performance.

→Wolf Garten Tillers ...

The WOLF-Garden electric tiller can be used for weeding, aerating and preparing virgin ground for planting. The robust metal tines have been designed to break down even the most compacted soils.

→100% guarantee!

10-year guarantee on selected mowers in the WOLF-Garten range of mowers.

It speaks for itself. Time and again WOLF-Garten focuses on quality and innovation. So it virtually goes without saying that WOLF-Garten provides a 10-year guarantee for selected mowers.